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Christina Zeidan 19 Nov 2018

9 Cringeworthy Lines Lebanese Guys Have Used For Sex

Have you ever been casually texting a guy (whether a friend or one with romantic interest potential) only for him to drop a highly sexual comment out of nowhere?

Like, a completely random, unasked-for, majorly irrelevant, totally out of the blue, hella creepy comment in a desperate attempt to switch the conversation to something sexier?

Well, these ladies have.

1. I was texting this guy on Tinder and he seemed pretty cool. I asked him to tell me a little about himself. Of course I was expecting something like, hobbies, his major… But, his response was:
You can’t expect to know someone, like truly connect with them, without sex.
And then he went on explaining all the scientifically-proven benefits of sex.

2. I met a guy at the library at university and I was telling him about how I had an exam the next day. He wrote his number on a paper and was like: khede ra2me, fiye fidik bi aktar men bas previouses, winked, and then left.


4. I was at a club and this guy walked up to me and asked if I would dance with him. I told him I wasn’t interested, to which he replied:
If you knew that we had common friends, you would actually come back home with me. Bas ento el Lebanese girls ktir met3asbin. Anyway, my table’s on the left if you change your mind.

5. Can someone come collect this psychopath?

6. Wished a guy happy birthday and he was like:
Ma ra7 ta3tine gift? I’m sure you know what I want.

7. This guy texted me at 2AM and it went like this:

Shou, you’re still awake.
– Yeah
I can’t sleep. But, I can’t tell you why.
– Um… okay?
Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s cause I’m horny.
– …
Do you have any suggestions?

8. A guy I met on Tinder was asking me about my exam, and this is how it went:

– Ba3ed 3ende two chapters. Bla7i2 a3mol wa7ad today, wa7ad tomorrow.
In, send location.
– Hahahahahahaha
Mesh 3am bemza7…
– No, thanks.
Your loss, albe.

9. I was getting to know this guy for a while and we had made out twice, it was heated but nothing further happened.
The night of that second time, we were texting about a TV show we both watched, and then out of nowhere, he tells me that I got him really riled up and horny when we kissed. I replied ‘hahahaha’, as one does when they’re not feeling it, and then he straight up demanded a nude, saying something along the lines of it’s about time.