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Lama Hajj 04 Dec 2018

Reopening Of Stunning Lebanese National Library

After being closed off to the public for 39 years, The Lebanese National Library was reopened tonight.

Established back in 1921, the national library housed 7 million books, 10,000 drawings, 20,000 maps, and 25,000 16th century editions. It was frequently bombed and looted throughout the Lebanese Civil War which led to its closing back in 1979.

Tonight, we are happy to report that it is ready to receive visitors once again at its new location, a beautiful historic building facing Sanayeh Garden. This awe-inspiring building was built in 1905 and functioned as a school of arts, and then a branch of the faculty of law for the Lebanese University. Today, it stands proud and beautiful, with quaint green spaces surrounding it and halls and halls of books and volumes waiting to be devoured.

This is such a fantastic piece of news considering our dire need for public spaces and more importantly, culturally rich spaces.

We are unsure about the library’s opening hours and days, but we will be keeping you posted as more information becomes available!