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Fatima Al Mahmoud 26 Dec 2018

Lebanon’s Biggest Pizza Challenge, Who’s In?

Break your routine every Monday and start the week with the Hero for Zero pizza challenge, IF you have what it takes.

Located in Kaslik, New York City Pizzeria is calling on you to finish their 72 cm pizza in under 60 minutes. You could be their new hero, but only when there is zero pizza left in your plate.

The rules are as such:

– Call ahead to reserve your spot, let them know their new hero is coming in.
– Choose your toppings, you need four.
– Round up your friends, you will need the support.
– Dig in!

If you manage to complete the task, you are awarded $200, FREE pizza for a year, a champion T-shirt, and your picture will forever be held on the Wall of Fame. INSANE!

If you lose, however, you picture is put up on their wall of shame as a reminder of all the pizza goodness you left behind.

The challenge takes place every Monday, from 8 PM onward.

Are you up for it?