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Beirut.com 28 Dec 2018

14 Must-Try Mouthwatering Burgers In Lebanon

The only way to enjoy a burger is to have it dripping down your chin and hands, non-negotiable.

Go all-in at these burger houses and indulge in the meaty goodness like no one’s watching. Here are 14 mouthwatering burgers you HAVE to try around Lebanon. Share your own recommendations!

1. Burger-Haus

We recommend the Sunday special. You never know what to expect with this one…only a whole lot of goodness!

2. The BBQ House

Try their honey mustard chicken, it’s guaranteed to leave a sweet taste in your mouth.

3. Meats and Bread

The WTF Burger will leave you thinking: “WTF, HOW IS THIS SO GOOD?”

4. Le Gourmet Burger

Is anyone else drooling?

5. The Bros

Branding their burgers and our hearts in the process, we recommend the barbecue chicken!

6. Refined Exotic Burger

For a more exotic burger, try the Grande here (prime beef, brie, and blackberry-rosemary sauce). So good!

7. Rod’s Burger

This volcano burger will just explode in your mouth, leaving behind all the cheesy residue.

8. Mano Burger

Their sojouk burger is a game-changer!

9. The Burger Shop

Take initiative and build your own burger here, don’t shy away from adding all the sauces your soul desires.

10. Smoking Bun

Ever seen such a thiccc patty?

11. Pepo’s Diner

You add layers to your outfit, we add layers to our burger…to each their own.

12. Munchease

All that cheddar cheese… oh my

13. Addict Burger

This is what dreams are made of. Look at that melted cheese blanket!!!

14. Piece and Loaf

Can you take on this beast burger?