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Rea Haddad 03 Jan 2019

10 Dogs Looking For A Loving Home In Lebanon

First let’s all agree that:

a) We don’t deserve dogs
b) They deserve all the love they can get

If you are looking to become a responsible dog parent, here are 10 adorable dogs from animal organizations and initiatives that can’t wait to give you their pawin’, lovin’ and barkin’.

1. Meet Asia 🐶

This adorable pup is a female German Shepherd that is completely fit for the apartment urban life. Asia still needs some help with potty training (cause I mean, who doesn’t). Beware though, she is massively addicted to belly rubs!

2. Meet Piper 🐶

Piper is straight out of an Orange Is The New Black episode except that she is a prisoner of the fate of so many dogs: during Christmas time, she was bred so that her puppies would be sold as gifts then she was dumped on the street. After spending three days in Bekfaya under terrible weather conditions, Piper was rescued by a volunteer. But don’t you worry, Piper has a positive outlook on life (just look at her) and can’t wait to meet her next family.

3. Meet Tonto 🐶

This Labrador/Pointer mix is like no other, Tonto was rescued from the Rayak Air Base. The one-year-old is gentle, friendly, super independant and on good terms with other fellow doggos.

4. Meet Loulou 🐶

Sorry for the graphic image but it is to show you that Lou has gone through it all. The 6 year-old survived an untreated tumor that became the size of a tennis ball back in November. The German Shepherd is mellow, playful and can’t wait to find happiness in a loving family. Best of luck Lou.

5. Meet lil Marcie 🐶

Everyone needs a Marcie in their life, this cutie pie is an 8 month old Malinois who will grow up to be a big-sized doggo. Word is Marcie is in love with cuddles but is a bit shy at first. Are you going to be the one who will make her gain her confidence?

6. Meet lil Eyzie 🐶

This cute fur-ball is approximately 3 months old and can’t wait to find a cuddle partner for life. As you can see, she is big on lounging, tanning, and posing for pictures. Isn’t Eyzie the sweetest thing you see today?

7. Meet lil Archie 🐶

OH Archie? Can you stop being huggable for like a full minute or is that impossible? This playful 3-month old pup is looking for his next home. Just look at him!

8. Meet Kaïa 🐶

Kaia is a two year old small Loulou mix who is always on the hunt for the perfect places to chill (and that includes the weirdest spots). This girl still needs to be potty trained though so you better have the energy to put up with the cuteness.

9. Meet Troy 🐶

This energetic doggo walks, eats, plays (then eats again) with a wagging tail. Troy is kid-friendly, gets along with other dogs and is obsessed with zaatar croissant and comfy pillows. What are you waiting for?

10. Meet Wanda 🐶

The abandoned puppy is a loveable Bichon who is excited to be welcomed into a new home. 10-month old Wanda wants to play all the time, so get those treats ready!