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Yasmin Harake 09 Jan 2019

10 Memes All Lebanese People Will Secretly Relate To

Here are 10 memes, tweets, and videos we came across that made us stop, LOL and screenshot. Our Lebanese relatives enjoyed receiving them – we hope you do too.

1. The two words you only say to your Teta if you’re very brave, or very stupid.

Instagram / @memezar

2. Let’s go shopping, she said. I’ll make it fun, she said.

Instagram / @9gag

3. Accuracy level: 100%

4. Just waiting for someone to make the film about my life, wbu?

Instagram / @arab_problems_

5. Laurence, I trust you with my deepest, darkest secrets. My family members, not so much.

Twitter / @heath_meadows

6. To all the older siblings out there, I salute you.

Instagram / @memezar

7. Whenever my Lebanese relatives see me and insist on poking my face.

Instagram / @memezar

8. The disappointment is real.

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9. This family blast into the past

10. Who else?!!