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Fatima Al Mahmoud 16 Jan 2019

This New Spot Will Have You Asking “Betcheelo Shawarma?” Every Day

Betcheelo shawarma?

The answer is always YES, and this new spot is here to prove it.

Located in Sed El Baouchriyeh, the snack serves all-things shawarma, both in the traditional sense and with a bcheel twist.

Venture into the meaty haven and have a taste for yourself.

You can either opt for a classic chicken shawarma with all the toum you desire, or choose to tickle your taste buds with a kabset shawarma.

Saving you the shu bade otlob hassle, their menu is short and straight-to-the-point.

Their shawarma comes in either markouk or tortilla bread, both equally scrumptious, and they also serve the bcheel kabse, bcheel shawarma platter, and their specialty the bcheel BBQ.