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Lama Hajj 22 Jan 2019

Check Out This New Mouthwatering Burger Truck In Beirut

Walking through the streets of Badaro, a colorful 60s-style van is bound to catch your eye. An electric pink and blue storefront that looks like a cool Volkswagen is home to mouthwatering (and super affordable!) burgers. We’e talking about The Burger Shop.

Open every day between 12 PM and 2 AM, this is the perfect place to get down and dirty with some street food.

The take-away only spot lets you customize your cravings with their simple yet thoroughly satisfying menu. Pick a patty: beef or chicken? Single, double, or triple? Add sauce and toppings and dig in! Pair with a strawberry milkshake and you’ve got yourself the perfect late night cheat meal.

For appetizers, the cool truck offers chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, and fries.

The ultra affordable spot serves up single patty burgers for 5,000 LL, and adding cheese and bacon is just 1,000 LL extra for each. Five bucks for a delicious freshly made bacon cheeseburger — not a bad deal!

Their other mouthwatering location around the country is in Ajaltoun.