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Fatima Al Mahmoud 29 Jan 2019

25 Lebanese Habits We Need To Give Up

While we do have our positives as a population, there are some habits that we need to let go off to progress as individuals, and they’re pretty simple.

Here are 25 Lebanese habits we need to give up, did we miss any?

1. Making people wait for us

Will we ever show up on time?

2. Pointing out if someone has lost or gained weight

3. Raging war on anyone who disagrees with us politically

4. Defending every argument against Lebanon with 30 d2i2a men el jabal lal baher

5. Not waiting for traffic lights to drive or even cross the street

6. Talking loudly on the phone

Especially with our relatives who live abroad.

7. Standing for 45 minutes on the door when our guests are leaving

8. Celebrating all possible occasions with fireworks and gunshots

9. Threatening to leave the country everyday

But never actually following up on it..

10. Clapping when the airplane lands

11. Clapping at the end of a movie

12. Trying to break world records with akbar sahen hommos and akbar jat tabboule

13. Fighting with someone and then cursing their mother and sister

14. Honking the car when we’re at a red light or stuck in traffic

15. Driving behind an ambulance to try and escape the traffic

16. Spending ridiculously large amounts of money that we DON’T have

17. Spending all our money on weddings that no one will remember a week later

And then living in debt for the rest of our marriage.

18. Going to weddings only to have something to gossip about later

19. Thinking that the university we attend or the car we drive makes us better/less than others

LAU, LU or LIU… It really doesn’t matter.

20. Overfeeding our guests and anyone eating at our house

We have no concept of the word shbe3et.

21. Making plenty of food for a small group of people

Good thing our mothers force us to eat the leftovers.

22. Smoking cigarettes or argileh indoors

23. Fixating on one travel destination and having every Lebanese go there at once

It’s like the entire Lebanese population agrees to meet up in one country.

24. Throwing our trash out of our car windows

25. Walking in the middle of the road instead of on the sidewalk

We can’t be blamed for this one though, we have no decent sidewalks.