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Lama Hajj 31 Jan 2019

16 Lebanese Pet Instagrams Everyone Should Be Required By Law To Follow

Add a whole lot of cuteness to your feed.

1. Yuki le Shiba

@yuki.le.shiba is the best, most regal boy you ever did see. Watch him take on Lebanon, one adventure at a time.

2. London The Retriever

@londontheretriever is stunning, loving, and the perfect golden addition to your feed. Oh, and she’s also a cultural icon.

3. Sasha The Odd Eyed Cat

@sashatheoddeyedcat will peer right into your soul. And check out that pink nose!

4. Elvis & Albert

@elvisandalbert are gorgeous pals living their best life. Heartwarming photos guaranteed!

5. Wilson Tobias

@wilson.tobias was picked up as a stray at 2-months old. He struggles with anxiety, but doesn’t let it from living his goodest, most adventurous life.

6. Lilo The Siamese Cat

@lilo_thesiamesecat may look stern, but rest assured there’s a sweetheart beneath that exterior. We’re loving those piercing baby blues!

7. Cookie and Brownie

@cookie___brownie are two cuties who have a ton of furry friends. Stay up to date on all their playdates and good times.

8. Salto & Blue

@saltoblue are a dynamic duo who love cuddles, treats, and the holiday season.

9. Tequila the Cat

@tequila.thecat_ is a British long-hair cat with stunning eyes that will mesmerize you.

10. Luka The Cavalier

@lukasays is little sweet Cavalier with curious eyes and very sleepy vibes. Catch him power napping all over his Instagram!

11. Casper J Husky

@casperj_husky has a piercing stare but don’t worry, he’s just trying to boop you with his nose.

12. Fendi The Chow

@fendi.thechow is a self-proclaimed banana addict who loves hugs, kisses, and snoozing hard.

13. Bino Bambino

@bino.bambino this little goofball loves hikes, hugs, and huge smiles!

14. Sashimi Mimi

Add a whole lot of cuteness to your feed.

1. Yuki le Shiba