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Beirut.com 13 Feb 2019

12 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Don’t worry, we won’t tell your SO that you’re last-minute gift shopping.

Here are 12 gifts you can purchase before the big day tomorrow. Happy Valentine’s!

1. The Albi w Mouftahou set from Krokina

A padlock, key and red heart all made of chocolate, because why not?

2. A single rose that lasts forever from Twist

Nothing says “together forever” like an immortal rose.

3. A healthy heart cake from Eshmoon

This almond chocolate cake is the ultimate healthy and satisfying treat to enjoy with a cup of tea.

4. Strawberry unicorns from Polaberry

They’re so adorable you won’t have the heart to eat them.

5. A pun-tastic t-shirt from Enta Mish Sarsour

For a hilarious gift with an edge, these t-shirts comprise of wearable stories that translate our everyday struggles and frustrations.

6. A coffee machine from Dolce Vita

They say the way to a person’s heart is through their coffee. Nothing like giving your loved one a reason to think of you the very first thing every morning.

7. A pre-owned luxury Rolex for less from Wrist Beirut

They get a stunning gift and you get extra points for being economical.

8. A fiery red serpent leather bracelet from Diamantina

Give her the opportunity to buckle up with style this Valentine’s.

9. A gym membership at Escape Gym

Couples who lift together, stay together.

10. Tickets to Ziad El Rahbani’s concert at February30

Ditch the dinner and roses and sing along to bala wala shi.

11. A customized gold-plated bracelet from Qasaed

You can have it engraved with a poem or quote of your choice.

12. Valentine’s greeting cards from Embrace

The cards touch this personal occasion with a positive twist to highlight mental health and express emotional support and encouragement to one another.

The cards can be found at:

Kalei Coffee, Mar Mikhael
Dar Bistro, Hamra
Hook, Ain El Remeneh
The Host, Aley
Muse Chocolate, Downtown
Aleph B, Furn El Chebbek
Brew Beauty Lounge, Downtown
Urbanista, Gemmayzeh
Café Younes, AUBMC, AUH, Sodeco
The Beazbee, Hamra
– Fayed Stores, Concord
Ghali Copy Center
Librairie Antoine, Sin el Fil, Ashrafieh, Hamra
Halabi Bookshop, Kaskas