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Rea Haddad 16 Feb 2019

8 Beirut Spots Perfect For A Breakup

Because sometimes you owe a person a bit more than a breakup text over WhatsApp, we’ve rounded up a list of places that make breakups slightly easier on the heart and the feels. Here are 8 Beirut spots perfect (well as perfect as it can get) for a breakup.

1. Cafe Des Fleurs

The beauty of this place is that it is small, intimate and you’ll get at least a flower or two after “the” conversation.

2. The Burger Shop

Whether you are sitting inside or outside, it is always easier to go through “it is not you, it is me” when you have a juicy burger to bite into. Am I right?

3. The New Yorker

Have you ever tried breaking up with someone à la Friends, the TV show? This Badaro place boasts a casual ambiance that’ll soften the blow whether you’re on either end of the breakup.

4. Black Coffee

Conveniently located in ABC Ashrafieh, you’ll be able to treat yourself to some serious retail therapy and shop your sorrows away, but only after that breakup sandwich or hot chocolate.

5. Urbanista

The Bliss branch is perfect because you’ll get to receive all the pampering you need after “the talk” at Pace e Luce. We’re talking fuck-you haircuts and bright red nail polish.

6. Horsh Beirut

Yes, Horsh Beirut is a valid option because you are going to need an open green space for a quick breather or some meditation in case things get out of hand (and you need a dramatic exit inspired by Central Park Gossip Girl breakups).

7. Oslo Ice Cream

Breakups taste better over sweet rose water icecream y’all!

8. Ramen Ya

Is dumping over a hot bowl of ramen really dumping?