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Ghina Al Fout 13 Mar 2019

Meet The Company Offering To Cover A Year’s Worth Of Tuition In Lebanon

For this prominent dress rental business, International Woman’s Day is not over yet. Designer 24 is offering to cover a year’s worth of university tuition for one lucky woman in Lebanon in celebration of women empowerment.

All you have to do is follow these three easy steps to nominate a woman in your life who deserves it:

1- Follow @Designer_24leb on Instagram

2- Like this video

3- Tag every woman who deserves this grant in the video’s comments section

Ten finalists will be chosen through Instagram live on March 17th!

Instead of the regular and mundane fashion and beauty giveaways, Designer 24 decided to go bigger, better and bolder, and we are LOVING it.

The e-commerce website is the Middle East’s first online designer dress rental business operating in Lebanon, Dubai, and Jordan. They have a wide selection of high-end designer evening gowns and wedding dresses that you can choose from, and they offer a free of charge “try-it-at-home” service for up to 5 dresses.

So, if you have a fancy event coming up, Designer 24 is a hassle-free alternative to annoying gown shopping.