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Tala Ramadan 20 Mar 2019

The 12 Best Pizzas You Need To Try In Lebanon

Do we have more pizza spots than Italy? It may seem like it! For those looking for the best of the best – whether you’re planning for a special occasion or simply craving some great pizza – here’s our guide for 12 pizzas you have to try.


1. Society Bistro

How blessed are we to be living in the age of truffle pizza? The skilled pizza makers at Society Bistro have mastered the hell out of it!

2. Tavolina

From the thin and crispy crust to the house-made sauce to the farm-fresh toppings, Tavolina take their pizza seriously, and it is definitely one of our favorites!

3. Gavi

For an upscale artisanal pizza, Gavi is definitely your go-to! With their amazing toppings, you will feel like you died and went to pizza heaven!


Yes, that sauce-heavy goodness you see on Instagram all the time is a MUST TRY.

5. Margherita

When talking about the best pizzas in Lebanon, there’s no way around Margherita, a true pizza institution.

6. Olio & Soto

Walking into Olio & Soto is like stumbling into an authentic Italian eatery, their wide pizza selection will warm your belly and soul.

7. Pizza Napoli

This Northern delight is the perfect spot for homey, delicious, old-school pizza!

8. Don Baker

This place is another experience in and of itself. Go with a huge group, order the 60cm pizza, and indulge!

9. Ni Caffe

Looks amazing, tastes amazing!

10. La PizzAria

You’ll only find suuuper thin crust here, and that’s not a bad thing. That means there’s always room for more, and watching your pizza being baked to perfection right in front of your eyes will most definitely boost your appetite.

11. The Peninsula

If you’re on a romantic date but you still want to stuff your face with an incredibly awesome pizza, we heavily recommend making a reservation at The Peninsula.

12. Joe Pena’s

Come for the drinks, stay for the amazing pizza!