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Beirut.com 01 Apr 2019

12 Things We Need A Loan For In Lebanon

Main picture via @alexsalha

Because loans for cars, Botox, houses and education are too mainstream.

1. Several rounds of drinks

5 drinks in and you’re in debt.

2. Your friend’s week-long birthday festivities

Dinner at CLAP, drinks at SAX, a lounge at AHM and you still need to get them a gift.

3. Valet parking

The struggle is real.

4. Zeitouna Bay parking

And don’t even dare lose the parking ticket.

5. Weddings and wedding parties

Because pre and post wedding parties are now a thing, which means more hair, makeup, dresses and liste de marriage expenses. KHALAS.

6. Coffee at Backburner

*Orders 10 thou cappuccino*
*Add soy milk*
Price: 20.000 LL

7. Water at B018

Let’s just say you’ll pay less for a gallon of water.

8. Dinner at Mayha

Did you read about our $150 dinner experience?

9. Anything at Cafematik

It will cost you half of your budget’s travel

10. Beach access

Summer is coming so you better be saving up for those lavish beach resorts.

11. NYE plans

“Eh byetla3 bas $420 3al shakhes”

12. A taxi from the airport