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William Daou 04 Apr 2019

7 Types Of People You Meet When You Go Camping In Lebanon

Now that camping season is right around the corner, we’re sure you’ll get the chance to meet at least one of these seven types of people.

1. The overly-equipped person or the “3ande Mebo” dude

They specifically bought a fully-functional backpack for this camping trip and filled it with all the necessities. So don’t get surprised if they pull out a portable shower-head out of nowhere or a first-aid kit to treat someone’s bruise. This individual is very extra but you need their presence more than you know because they’re highly utilitarian.

2. The fancy person with the non-stop “na2”

They’re flaunting their brand new glamping luggage and will ask someone to carry it for them during the rough hiking trail parts. They joined thinking it was a sweet escape in a bungalow and they keep asking why it isn’t. At night, they’re never the ones to help rework the fire but insist on having someone roast their marshmallows. Oh, and this person has extra sleeping silk masks for anyone who needs one.

3. The paranoid person

Between the “sme3et sot walla” and “chefet 7ayeh walla”, the paranoia is real and tangible. They will make sure that everyone questions the campsite safety, but they’ll be the first person to fall sleep.

4. The lazy hiker

They’re the last ones in the queue and have at least three people falling behind to help them in the hike. The same person will finish all the alcohol and food, and will complain when there isn’t any left.

5. The nuit-blanche party animal

“Teb guys, 3anjad hala2 ra7 tnemo?”

They’re the type of person that has all the drinking games lined up for everyone and will never get bored of truth or dare until they kiss the person they have their eyes on.

7. The survivor

“Guys walaw, ma32oul bedkon kleenex la twal3o nar w ana ma3kon WALAW”

They also insist on grilling everything before it gets eaten and they diligently try to convince people that it’s very easy to squat and poop in nature.