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Tala Ramadan 10 Apr 2019

Your Burger Bucket List In Beirut

Medium-rare or well-done? Smothered in cheese or layered with bacon? Whatever your preference is for what lies between those buns, we can all agree that there’s no better pleasure than the bite of a perfect burger.

So, consider this your burger bucket list in Beirut, and start ticking them off!

1. The Ferdinand Burger at Ferdinand

The juiciest of all juicy patties, sweetened with blueberry, supplemented with tarragon mayo and American cheddar, and layered with bacon. The Ferdinand burger is a MUST-TRY.

2. The Beef Burger at Smoking Bun

Grilled to perfection and topped with traditional Lancashire cheddar cheese, Smoking Bun’s beef burger is a mystery to explore, especially with its decadent homemade secret sauce.

3. The Double Trouble at Munchease

Double the trouble, double the indulgence. Two beef patties flame grilled, smothered in cheese and drowned in sauce. It’s exactly the messy treat you need!

4. The Home Run at The Bros

Are you team beef patty or chicken breast? Why not both? The Home Run is the best of both worlds, enough said.

5. The Triple Cheese at Le Gourmet Burger

Triple cheese, need we say more?

6. The Shawarma Burger at Murray


7. The Cheese Burger at Eggslut

Egg, caramelized onions, bread and butter pickles, cheddar cheese, and dijonnaise in a warm brioche bun. Anyone drooling yet?

8. The Dry-Aged Burger at The Happy Prince

Served with the most delectable homemade fries, the dry-aged burger is a party in your mouth.

9. The Pizza Burger at Chez Chakour


10. The Old Fashioned Burger at P’s and B’s

11. The WTF Burger from Meats and Bread

This burger will have you yelling exactly that after the first bite: WTF? How can something be so good?

12. The Special Cheese Bomb at La Burgeria

The fact that you can inject your own cheese bomb into the burger only adds to the pleasure of gorging on it.