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Lama Hajj 15 Apr 2019

Beirut, There’s A New Paella Spot In Town

Lovers of seafood, Spanish tapas, and exploring new dishes… this one’s for you!

New franchised Monot spot Casa Jose is going to satisfy all your paella cravings, and then some. Located facing Little China, the restaurant is open every day between the hours of noon and 1 AM. The spacious layout is perfect for big groups and gatherings, where you can dig into a delectable platter of the iconic Valencian rice and seafood dish. With shrimp mussels and mouth-watering sauces, the Spanish-chef is sure to wow you with his paella.

Other delicacies on the menu include huevos rancheros (a typical breakfast served at Mexican farms, featuring corn tortillas and fried eggs topped with plenty of warmed salsa), marinated octopus, shrimp, and many others!

Don’t miss out on their traditional tamales.

End it all on a sweet note with their homemade fruit cocktail!