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Lama Hajj 18 Apr 2019

This Lebanese Gem Is Making Gin & Tonic ICE CREAM

Dreams really do come true.

Joining my two favorite food groups, gin and ice cream, the fantastic cocktail crafters and bar-service providers behind 3 Blind Mice by Bar-chitect have hit the scene with a brand new mouthwatering innovation: GIN AND TONIC SOFT SERVE MERRY CREAM.

Opening soon in Dbayeh, the cocktail shop will offer boozy popsicles like the silly Negroni, the margarita popsicle, the arak sorbet, the strawberry prosecco sorbet, and of course the gin and tonic soft serve that we’re drooling over.

Their delicate gin blend is perfectly highlighted in smooth merry cream, and makes for the perfect taste of summer in a scoop.

3 Blind Mice also offers a fantastic alcohol delivery service, with exceptional branding! You can order your favorite cocktails right to your doorstep, and enjoy freshly made premium alcoholic beverages that will help you show off with company.

We’re talking passion fruit martinis, margaritas, flavored mojitos, and so many more!

What are you waiting for? Message or call them and place your order now! You can reach them on +96181229321.