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Beirut.com 09 May 2019

5 Delicious Oriental Desserts With A Twist

Just in time for your post-iftar treat, we’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite oriental desserts with a twist. Check them out!

1. The Snickers Osmalliyeh Cheesecake at Nasma

Snickers: good. Osmalliye: good. Cheesecake: good. Win, win, win!

2. The Knefeh Brule at Nasma

Even the name is dreamy. This unique twist on knefeh is EVERYTHING we needed.

3. Tamriyeh at Babel

If you haven’t tasted the specialty Tamriyeh dessert at Babel, you’re really missing out! It’s based on a smooth date paste topped with creamy almond ice cream, carob molasses, and nuts. Well worth every calorie!

4. Mount Ararat at Batchig

Rose, ashtaliyeh, marzipan, and cinnamon ice-cream, all generously sprinkled with cotton candy. Are you drooling yet?

5. Ghazal Zmerroud at El Denye Hek

A bed of creamy mhallabiye topped with ghazal el shabeb and red fruits dressing. YUM!

Do you have any other vamped up oriental desserts that we missed? Let us know in the comments!