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Beirut.com 21 May 2019

There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Toum At This Beirut Spot

Any extra toum-ers here?

This spot is just for you!

Head to El Estez Snack, and enjoy a decadent and affordable chicken shawarma, DRIZZLED with toum. Yes, drizzled.

The Beirut spot quickly became famous for its generous toum drizzle, which you can choose to add to any of their delicious sandwiches.

They don’t believe in “too much toum” – and honestly, neither do we.

Aside from their toothsome shawarma, El Estez Snack also serves a selection of delectable sandwiches.

From their specialty El Estez chicken to their mouthwatering El Eztez burger, this spot is a must try.