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Beirut.com 23 May 2019

7 Things Your Kids Can Do At ColoSA’s Amazing Summer Camp

Looking for a fun, safe, and educational summer camp for the kiddos this year?

With the kids’ enjoyment and safety as their top priority, ColoSA will give your kids a summer to remember. With tons of activities, educational opportunities, and plenty of great things in store, read on to learn why ColoSA is the ideal summer break this year.

1. They’ll swim, jump, and play at Splash Water Park

Between the water slides and fun rides, your kids are bound to have an unforgettable day at Splash! You can count on ColoSA Summer Camp to make sure your kids have a SPLASH in a safe and secure environment, under the watchful eyes of the counselors.

2. They’ll delve into the world of theater

Theatrical performances can be a unique and immersive learning experience for children, and ColoSA will involve your kids in just that. Some hidden talents are bound to come up!

3. They’ll have the ultimate Fun Scape

A jump-tastic journey where the kids can unleash their energy at Fun Scape!

4. They’ll enjoy a cinematic experience

Your kids will just love grabbing a bucket of popcorn and enjoying some movie magic!

5. They’ll brave the waves at Waves Aqua Park

They’ll ride the waves on those hot summer days as they enjoy playing, swimming, and a multitude of other fun water activities. You can be sure the kiddos will be talking about this summer for years to come.

6. They’ll enjoy the animated paradise that is Dream Park

With endless and diversified rides, the children will enjoy a magical day in a fascinating and dynamic environment.

7. They’ll learn to Ice Skate

Who said you can’t ice skate in summer? Your youngsters will love learning to glide — a brand new skill to add to their repertoire.

Last but not least: It’s REALLY pocket friendly!

We have got to mention that the 7 week camp is priced at a very reasonable $310 per child. What are you waiting for? Call 76 469 592 or 79 188 980 to enroll your kids now.