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Tala Ramadan 24 May 2019

10 Of The Best Ice Cream Spots In Lebanon

No food sums up summer like ice cream, whether it’s a cone on the run or a sit-down feast of a banana split. Here’s our favorite ice cream spots to visit for your next frozen fix!

1. Helwayat Al Salam (Hanna Mitri)

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This charming family-run ice cream parlor has been around for three generations and over 50 years, and it makes the absolute best ice cream in town. Some of the flavors are seasonal, like strawberry and amareddine, and they run out quick.

Our favorite flavors: Croquant: delicious creamy ice cream with almond brittle, Rose-water

2. Awad Ice cream

Pick the flavors and toppings you want and get the unique ice cream prepped right in front of you.

Our favorite flavors: Strawberry and mulberry, banana, and melon.

3. Oslo

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This tiny but mighty bakery specializes in its house-made ice cream as well as its cookies, and cakes.

Our favorite flavors: Rose Loukoum, Pomegranate, Coffee Crunch

4. Orso Bianco

A small parlor with big flavors! There are so many options here, from their chocolate and nut dipped popsicles to their delicious ice cream wafer sandwiches. The flavors are bright, fresh, and unique.

Our favorite flavors: Chocolate Whiskey, Salted Caramel, and Lotus

5. Helado

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On a not-so-busy day, you could be waiting up to twenty minutes for a serving of Helado’s delicious creations. They have boozy ice cream on the weekends. Yes, booze and ice cream, do we need to say more?

Our favorite flavors: Passion Fruit, Ricotta and Corn Flakes, Lotus Biscuits

6. Gustav

Known for cake balls and unbeatable sweet creations, Gustav also offers mouthwatering creamy gelato and sorbet.

Our favorite flavors: walnut and fig, dark chocolate sorbet, mango.

7. Bouzat el Berdawni

A traditional place for the best and most delicious ice cream, with the perfect serene setting.

Our favorite flavors: Makhfouka (Ashta ice cream with pistachios and strawberry ice cream on top.)

8. Bachir Ice Cream

Their mission is to allow for a delightful, honest, and unparalleled exchange of value for citizens from all classes seeking to indulge in an exquisite, typically old-fashioned Lebanese ice cream.

Our favorite flavors: uhm…EVERYTHING?

9. Coldstone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery offers an interactive experience for ice cream lovers. Choose your favorite ice cream and toppings, and watch them mix together right before your eyes!

Our favorite flavors: French vanilla ice cream

10. Bouzet Jeddo

Bouzet Jeddo is an ice-cream shop that follows the traditional and authentic family recipe created by the owner’s grandfather.

Our favorite flavors: Amarredine with Pine Nuts, because it is super light and refreshing!