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Rea Haddad 18 Jun 2019

Hidden Gem Alert: Discover Batroun’s Abandoned Aquarium

You may have noticed an intriguing and looming structure while you were tanning or saying cheers to the good life on Colonel Reef’s stupendous shore.

An urban complex towering over Batroun’s skyline, this building dates back to the golden era of the sixties.

We were blown away when we discovered that this historical gem was designed to be a marine research center.

Photo credits: Jad Ghorayeb

The concrete Batroun landmark was built to house the country’s largest aquarium, a marine biology institute, aquaponic containers, and a planetarium!

Unfortunately, Lebanon’s ravaging civil war interrupted the completion of this project, and the structure was abandoned.

Today, the aquarium’s timeworn walls serve as an informal exhibition space of graffiti and urban art.

Wanderers will find themselves gazing at the tower’s striking interior, and the curious ones might even sneak into this spiral edifice, which was set for demolition back in 2017.

Looking for something different to do on your next trip to Batroun? Make your way to the forgotten structure and try to imagine how the aquarium would’ve looked.

Oh, and don’t forget to take tons of pictures!