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Beirut.com 19 Jun 2019

3 Fun Things To Do Today

Who said Wednesdays were boring? Here are some ways to spice things up on this hot summer day.

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Woke: The Next Episode

What: Enjoy a round of great remixes and stay woke all night!

Time & Place: 10 PM – 5 AM at The Garten

For more information click here.

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Adam at Antika Bar

What: Don’t miss Adam, performing his amazing songs!

Time & Place: 10 PM – 3 AM at Antika Bar Waterfront

For more information click here.

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Nataly Aukar live at Awk.word

What: Nataly Aukar will be performing a 1-hour stand-up special for the very first time with awk.word at KED!

Time & Place: 8 PM – 11 PM at KED

For more information click here.