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Fatima Al Mahmoud 27 Jun 2019

Dead Cow Spotted Floating In Beirut Sea, Again

Last night, Communications and Social Media Strategist Nada Hamzeh went live on Facebook to document as a floating cow got closer and closer to the shore at Cornice El Manara.

According to Hamzeh, the smell was absolutely horrendous, and even after posting the video and calling out to authorities, no action was taken immediately.

The cow was left in the water overnight, up until it was reportedly removed by Beirut municipality workers this morning.

Source: LBCI

This incident is not the first of its sort in Lebanon. Almost one year ago, a video of dead cows floating in Lebanon’s sea was circulating on different social media platforms.

The story made headlines and put people in a frenzy. It appeared that the dead cows had been “infected”, and after having been denied entry into the Lebanese market, they were thrown into the sea. Peak corruption, right?

Although this dead cow might have a different backstory, it’s déjà vu for Lebanon.

Speaking of dead cows in the sea, let’s bring this back shall we?