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Beirut.com 04 Jul 2019

You Can Literally Netflix And Chill At This Beirut Beauty Salon

This is not a drill. This exceptional beauty salon literally gives you the opportunity to Netflix and chill while you get pampered. Oh and men, you’ll be thrilled to hear that – you too – can benefit from this perk, all you need is a mani-pedi at their top-notch nail spa.

Located in Caracas, Beirut, Lai Beauty Hub aims to create a welcoming and utterly relaxing environment for clients, so Lina Itani, the founder and mastermind, introduced the “Netflix and chill” concept into the workplace, where you can binge watch your series while they spoil you.

Sounds heavenly right?

But that’s not all that makes Lai Beauty Hub an incredibly unique space, because while you Netflix and chill, you also get the chance to meet amazingly talented make up artists from ALL over Lebanon.

What brings them together you ask? None other than Lai Beauty Hub, a unique shared work space for freelance makeup artists and MUAs that allows for an exchange of makeup expertise and beauty tips.

Because the makeup world is ever changing with new trends surfacing day in and day out, working at a shared space allows for inspiration and creativity. That was Lina’s vision when she first established Lai Beauty Hub, which serves today as a work space for the growing number of makeup artists and MUAs in the region. Being an in-house makeup artist herself, Lina’s passion pushed her to provide a platform for thriving makeup lovers and prospering artists, under her supervision and trust.

The best part of the beauty hub is that it perpetuates talent and tremendous support, giving exposure to rising makeup artists and a choice to eager clients. For any MUA looking to start somewhere, Lai Beauty Hub is the best and only option out there. And for potential clients, there’s no better place to unwind and enjoy a makeover.

To book your appointment, contact 70 64 94 24.

So, what will you be watching during your upcoming pampering session?