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Beirut.com 05 Jul 2019

Hidden Gem Alert: Discover The Magical Village Of Baadaran

This article was originally translated from Arabic.

Situated in the heart of Chouf, Baadaran is known for its rich history, stunning artifacts, and breathtaking scenery. From the beautiful traditional houses to the ancient weaving techniques, here are 6 things you should discover at the magical village of Baadaran:

1. The Baadaran Nawl (Loom)

This ancient craft was first founded in 1918 by Sheikh Zeidan Ahmad Baz, and was later passed on to his grandson Nabil Baz. Although the 5000 year old weaving technique is in risk of being lost in the face of modern technology, it is still very much alive in Baadaran.

2. Balayet El Hawa

This spot is considered one of the most beautiful natural and touristic areas in Baadaran. It overlooks the Barouk river and Bisri valley, and it’s home to the Balayet El Hawa restaurant, which serves some of the most delectable Lebanese cuisine.

3. The historical monuments

Baadaran is home to some of the most historical monuments in the country. From Roman temple remnants to magical castles and so much more, Baadaran is a hub for Lebanon’s rich history.

4. Hiking and camping sites

Plan a camping or hiking trip to one of the village’s gorgeous thick forests and green spaces and enjoy the spectacular views and versatile wildlife along the way.

5. Baz Guesthouse

For anyone seeking a tranquil escape, head to Baz guesthouse and spend a laid-back evening with your loved ones. Aside from the delicious food and calm ambiance they offer, they will also help you learn more about the village’s history and guide you to all the best sites to discover (because locals know best).

6. The Baadaran Airport

Make your way to this forgotten airport and revel in all the gorgeous scenery that surrounds it.