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Beirut.com 05 Jul 2019

Meet Young And Talented Artists From All Over The World At This Art Space In Lebanon

If you want to spend an afternoon rather artfully, allow us to take you through the doors of a brilliant gallery slash hidden gem where you can peer into the world of known artists and up-and-coming talents, both local and international.

Belvedere Art Space is an international contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Downtown Beirut, Lebanon which hosts a large selection of artworks in different mediums.

The curatorial team showcases artwork that is stylistically different and yet binds beautifully together in the contemporary nature of the space.

It represents both well established and emerging contemporary artists from all corners of the globe and was started by a passion the two founding members had in common for contemporary art and their desire to bring it to their home country.

With a diverse yearly exhibition program and an educational program that involves seminars from artists and industry professionals the gallery aims to give both veteran art collectors and amateurs more insight into the international contemporary art world.

Be sure to follow Belvedere Art Space on Instagram and check out their website for more information on the artists and their exhibition program.