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Fatima Al Mahmoud 18 Jul 2019

7 Of The Best Beirut Spots For Italian Date Night

Colorful alleyways, floating canals, and art galleries. Add to that thin crust pizza, flavorful pasta, and rustic wine…are you mentally in Italy yet? If not, check out these 7 fantastic spots that are sure to send you and your loved one on a love-filled journey to Italy.

1. Mariolino Pizzaevino

This neighborhood pizzeria is offering homemade wood-fired pizzas and lots of wine, all in the light of bougainvillea colors. Situated in Restos St Nicolas, the adorable eatery is an Italian dream come true. Perfect for couples, make your way to Mariolino and feast on their signature pizzas and palatable pastas for a truly Italian date night.

2. Appetito Trattoria

When we’re not swooning over this hidden gem’s blue walls and flower pots, we’re definitely devouring Italian “soul food”. One bite into their delectable pizzas and pastas will send you on a flavorsome journey to Italy, so plan your date night at Appetito Trattoria Gemmayzeh for an exemplary and adorable evening.

3. Mario e Mario

The owner, Mario, says it has been a dream of his to open a little restaurant with traditional home-cooked Italian food ever since he was a little boy, and we’re so glad he came through. Take your beloved for a one-on-one al fresco feast on the terrace, where the gorgeous setting and the fresh colors make for the best place to fall in love again and again.

4. Bavaglino

A hidden gem at the very top of the St. Nicolas stairs, this Italian spot will charm your pants off. Their purely Italian menu boasts favorites like the canneloni, spaghetti carbonara, pizzas, risottos, veal milanese, and so much more! Cute, charming, dimly lit, and perfectly Italian, Bavaglino is the ideal date night spot, and then some.

5. Tavolina

Located in the heart of Mar Mikhael, here you’ll find traditional Italian cuisine served in a warm and comfortable setting. Indulge in oven cooked pizzas, hearty pastas, and wholesome risottos, and sip on some wine as you list all the things you love about each other. Splendido!

6. Al Dente Ristorante – Hotel Albergo

Al Dente serves authentic and enjoyable Italian cuisine in a very unique and romantic setting. Located in a stunning traditional building, it has high ceilings clad in the beautiful authentic plasterwork, frescoes lining the walls, and rich curtains hanging from above old wooden windows. And let’s not forget, a menu to die for.

7. Gavi

One of the trendiest Italian restaurants in Beirut, Gavi is a date night staple. Aside from their refined menu, Gavi serves an authentic Italian experience, elegance in a plate, as they say. Make sure you leave room for dessert and share a selection of their sweet specialties.