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Tala Ramadan 19 Jul 2019

Pompette Beirut: Enjoy Upbeat Tunes Over Decadent Dinner

We’re spoiled for choice in Lebanon when it comes to restobars’ goodness. If you are looking for an urban escape that’s got everything you need to slow down and if you would rather expand your horizons with unique food, we found the perfect restobar for you!

Pompette Beirut has everything you need to make you unwind, and relax and have you indulged in something amazing thanks to their menu that includes an interesting variety of creative and innovative food selection that has a twist in every item.

We’re talking hummus a l’avocat, fresh home-made tortellini filled with burrata, and the perfect sweet ending to the good start with a tasty baba au Rum, and of course a wider variety that we wont list considering we dont want you to start drooling!

You’ll easily spot Pompette Beirut in Naccache with its bright exterior and and special design- inviting beacon of what’s to come.

You won’t have to sacrifice good food for good live entertainment anymore! Pompette will have you enjoy a savory dinner, as well as some stellar live musical performances!

Pompette Beirut will know what how to brighten up your evening with the best bites, drinks and the live music performance, we promise that the music will get your feet tapping and hips gyrating.