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Rea Haddad 19 Jul 2019

5 Breathtaking Lebanese Wineries To Visit This Summer

Lebanese vineyards, that’s a gorgeous sight hard to get bored of especially when we have filled wine glass in our hand. Whether you’re a connoisseur or not you’ll have plenty of touring these breathtaking wineries in Lebanon. Have fun tasting all the wine!

1. Ixsir in Batroun

Friend coming into town soon and wondering where to take them? Ixsir is ALWAYS a good idea. After your I Love Rose photo-op, lunch at Nicolas Audi’s restaurant that will serve you its delectable continental specialties. Then head to your guided tour covering all the steps of the wine-making process, which will enable to sample a broad range of wines.

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Call +961 71 631 613 or book online 48 hrs in advance.

2. Chateau Kefraya in Bekaa

Located in the region spewing with wineries, Chateau Kefraya will never disappoint with its stupendous vineyards, rustic interiors and decadent wine. And, if you’ve spent the longest time looking for the ONE, you’ll at least find your terroir at Chateau Kefraya. And questions whether you should be enjoying your Comte De M or let it age will be discussed at the wineries’ elaborate tours. Chin chin!

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Mobile: + 961 8 645 333 / 444

Email: reservations@chateaukefraya.com

3. Chateau Ksara in Bekaa

Wine making since 1857, touring this wine estate will help you understand why the Bekaa valley has one of the best weather conditions to produce wine. After you’re done cleansing your palate between tastings, end your experience with a fine lunch paired with Ksara’s sumptuous wines.

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For a more customized experience, call 08/813495.

4. Massaya in Faqra and Bekaa

Visit the caves the caves in Faqra, enjoy the scenery and end your visit on the sweetest note at the famous sunset bar. If you’re interested in learning about the place where Massaya’s arak and wine were born, then head to Tanail in Bekaa and wander in the stupendous vineyards.

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Mobile: +961 (0) 9 322 778

Mobile: +961 (0) 8 510 135

5. Aurora Wine in Batroun

On the lookout for a communal winery? Aurora Wine is just the spot for you in Batroun. Their boutique wines are the result of the effort of the family and villagers. Book an intimate tour of the winery and you’ll witness firsthand the love put into this 2.5 hectares of land.

Booking information

Winery visits by appointment only
Mobile: + 961 71 632 620
Email: info@aurorawinery.com