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Beirut.com 26 Jul 2019

Nadine Njeim’s Sexism Strikes Again: “I Think Like A Man And Act Like A Lady”

Prominent Lebanese actress and former Miss Lebanon Nadine Nassib Njeim was recently on the cover of the latest Laha Magazine issue, and right under her name is her quote: “I think like a man and act like a lady.”

While women all around the world are working to bridge the gap and end the inequalities that have plagued us for so many centuries, Nadine thinks this is a fantastic quote. With so many brands, companies, and individuals trying to break stereotypes of masculinity and femininity, and the arbitrary nature of them both, you would think Nadine might have stumbled across a more useful quote, but no. She opted for a cliched, archaic, and outdated remark that means nothing at all.

Naturally, this caused outrage on social media, with people pointing out the sexist nature of the remarks.

Njeim replied to the controversy by saying she was merely quoting Steve Harvey’s book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man since it’s her favorite read – as if that makes it any better. Also, I highly doubt she reads.

This is not the first time that Njeim has publicly made sexist statements that send us hurling back to the Middle Ages, back in 2012 during a televised interview with Future TV, the former beauty queen stated that men should have premarital sex, while women shouldn’t. FUN!

You’d think for an actress who plays the role of a strong, powerful, and independent woman in ALL of her series, Njeim would be more socially aware, but nope.