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Lama Hajj 29 Jul 2019

Charbel Khalil Announces Gay Conversion Therapy Project In The Name Of St. Charbel

While the cruel and dangerous practice of conversion therapy is slowly being banned in different countries around the world, we still have washed up has-beens like local TV producer Charbel Khalil offering up unwelcome services to “help homosexuals who have the desire to get rid of their homosexuality”.

For those of you who don’t know who Charbel Khalil is, we don’t blame you. The dummy behind the dummy show Doumakratieh has recently taken to his social media to announce an “upcoming gay conversation therapy project” in the name of St. Charbel.

Naturally, his announcement was met with outrage, with people calling him out for promoting and advocating this cruel, dangerous, and medically discredited practice that attempts to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity, and attempting to pass it off as a “solution”. But his ignorance didn’t end there, because Charbel proceeded to block people, all the while using pejorative and homophobic terms, before re-publishing his message.

Let us not dress things up in frills; conversion therapy is literally torture. Homosexuals around the world are routinely subjected to emotional and physical abuse in the name of “curing” them. This could get passed off as a joke and easily be swept under the rug but the American Psychological Association shows that survivors of conversion therapy are nine times more likely than their peers to consider taking their own lives. So congratulations Charbel, on carrying the torch.

Also, Charbel. You are not a medical professional. You are not a psychologist. You are not an expert on human sexuality. You are not a behavioral scientist. Stay in your fucking lane and keep making d-rate comic sketches. Stop spewing your hatred and poison, and realize that your little attempt at getting some attention could very well lead to misinformed and ignorant parents signing their children up to your shitty program, resulting in decades of self hatred, abuse, and irreversible consequences. Are you willing to undertake that risk?

Here’s what some people had to say about “The Charbel Project” on Twitter: