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Beirut.com 30 Jul 2019

Lebanese Mother Dies After Allegedly Falling Out Of Moving Car, But Her Family Is Telling A Different Story

Lebanese mother of three, Rana Beaino, tragically passed away this past Sunday evening leaving behind many unanswered questions and a grief-stricken family.

The cause of her death has been a matter of controversy, raising several question marks surrounding the nature of her passing, which is currently being investigated by security forces who are working to find out if Rana’s death was a mere accident or an intended crime.

Rana’s death so far has elicited two different tales, with her husband on one end and her grieving family on the other.

According to Rana’s husband Charbel Haber, Rana allegedly fell out of their moving car in Bhamdoun because “her door was not closed properly”. She apparently hit her head upon impact and was immediately taken to the hospital, where she died.

Rana’s family, however, is telling a different story. With allegations pointing towards a history of abuse between Rana and her husband, her family was not convinced with the husband’s version of the sequence of events and are blaming him instead. They filed a complaint at the Bhamdoun Police Station against “person unknown”, and asked to postpone their daughter’s burial until they receive an autopsy report that clarifies the cause of death.

According to LBCI, the autopsy report showed injuries on the left side of her body, pointing out a 7-centimeter U-shaped wound on the left side of the head, as well as fractures in the skull and wounds covering the left side of the neck and face, left upper torso, and left arm, caused by solid objects, according to the coroner’s report.

The family believes this contradicts the husband’s story, who claimed that she had fallen out of the right side of the car.

Rana’s husband is being held for questioning.

Whether Rana’s death proves to be an accident or not, this does not change the fact that she is the latest victim in an ongoing struggle against domestic abuse and unjust laws that fail to protect women from their partners. May her soul rest in peace.

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