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Tala Ramadan 31 Jul 2019

Let Matte Come To You Wherever You Are With This Awesome New Service

Because we don’t like to tease you with things you can’t have, we can now endlessly speak about the love of matte, because wherever you are, whenever you want, you can now have it delivered right to your doorstep!

Meet CASTIELLO, the awesome mate brand delivering Yerba mate, mate kits, and other mate accessories all over Lebanon.

So whether you’re at the office or at the beach, you can now treat yourself to this underrated drink, which will be delivered to you in no time!

And speaking of mate, let’s not forget the multitude of health benefits packed in the drink that is slowly replacing coffee as our morning companion.

Not only is Yerba mate a nutritional powerhouse, it’s also one of the healthiest drinks in the world. Plus, it’s delicious, so win-win situation!

You can also find their products in most groceries and supermarkets in Lebanon.