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Rea Haddad 21 Aug 2019

Meet The Lebanese Brand That Made Us Fall In Love With Cider

Cider isn’t a drink that typically pops on our list of cravings and this immediately changed when we stumbled upon this new local cider brand. Meet Wata the new Lebanese brand offering cider with bold flavors that will possibly turn it into your favorite drink.

P.S: their cider is gluten-free so none of that “beer belly” after effect.

Your adventurous palate will rejoice over Wata’s crisp blends ranging from fruity to brut or dry. The Wata family had recently landed in the Mzar fair and quenched the thirst of so many that were eager to discover this sharply tasty drink.

Whether you’ve had cider or not before, Wata bottles are definitely worth the purchase. And the local brand quickly took over our favorite spots in and out of town. You can get your hands on this refreshing and alcoholic drinks at The Chill Hill Experience in Wata El Joz, Cyrano and House Of Butlers in Gemmayze, and Ferdinand in Hamra.

And if want to complement the next event you’re hosting with some crispy goodness, Wata bottles are available at Aziz, Golden Star, Stop & Shop, or Maison Chal.

The founder Soha Frem perceived the 2018 apple crisis as the perfect opportunity to quit her job and finally invest in her family’s apple orchards in Wata El Joz. She took classes in cider making with renowned expert Peter Mitchell. The Wata terroir is mainly inspired by her cherished memory of running around her family’s land and picking up apples as a kid.

For an exclusive look into this age-old profession, don’t hesitate to follow Wata on their social media. Chin Chin!