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Beirut.com 23 Sep 2019

Disgusting: OTV Shares Outrageously Racist Caricature

Lebanese media stoops to a new low after a disgustingly racist and xenophobic caricature depicting school students was aired on Lebanese channel OTV on Sunday September 22.

Done by Antoine Ghanem, the caricature shows two young Lebanese students unable to enter a school because it was “filled to capacity with foreign students, including Syrians, Iraqis, Palestinians, Indians, Bangladeshis, etc.” The disgustingly racist caricature even used the Arabic equivalent of the N word, an ethnic slur that refers to black people.

The caricature was shared in response to a recent statement made by the Education Minister Akram Chehayeb, explaining that “no child will be allowed to stay outside of school regardless of their nationality.”

OTV mocked this decision by asking “fi Akram men hek?” because apparently – in their appalling logic – only Lebanese students have the right to education and the right to learn.

The TV channel later took down the caricature, but did not issue an apology of any sort.
But it was too late, as the video had already been seen and shared on social media, causing much-deserved outrage at the channel’s low ethics.

Here are some Twitter reactions: