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Rea Haddad 25 Sep 2019

20 Adorable Things Every Lebanese Teta Has Done

Attention: This Lebanese teta tribute WILL warm your heart, you’ve been warned!

1. She force feeds you

Because you always look malnourished in her eyes.

2. She invites you for a “quick” family lunch

But once you’re there, it’s an endless sofra followed by an adorable “ma fi shi min eemetkon, kelon hal sa7nen”

3. She thinks you’re a tech genius because you put her phone on general mode

“Khabarton lal jiran kif zabatele telephone.”

4. You’re her WhatsApp profile picture

It’s a 5 year old picture but she refuses to change it.

5. She sends good morning/good night texts on WhatsApp

“Sabah el ward wel yasmine” – cheesiest thing that will always land a smile on your face.

6. She accidentally posts on her WhatsApp story

Yi, hay ana 7atayta? Ken bade eb3ata la Emm Samir

7. She thanks people who like and comment on her Facebook posts

“Thank you for the likes and comments. Kif el wled?”

8. She comments on every thing you post on social media

“Habibti, you like nice, when are you coming to visit me?”

9. She promises you that you’ll inherit her secret recipe book

“Teta, I can barely scramble eggs.”

10. She insists that you don’t carry the “soniyeh” because it’s too heavy for you

“Ana m3awadeh to2borne, khaliya 3alaye”

11. You’re never allowed to skip Sunday lunches at her place

But when you do, she’ll send you the leftovers.

12. She will never understand why you can’t have lunch with her everyday

“Teta, my lunch break is 45 minutes and you live 30 minutes away”

“Eh, bass ahla men ma ekol la wehde”

13. She will never understand why you’re still single

“Kel hal jamel w hal talleh, leh ma 3andik hada?”

14. She compliments you even on your worst looking days

“Lebe2lik el akhdar ktir” – when you’re literally wearing rusty sweatpants

15. She compares you to her every chance she gets

When you get a promotion at work: “Eh bravo, to2brineh la min beddik tetla3e”

16. She will never ever let you have an ego

Ma tkabbir ras 3a ahlak wla, mbereh la wa2afna nmase7lak

17. She doesn’t believe in medicine

“Sma3e menne teta, 3asal, hamod w sekkar w byemche halik”

18. She always defends you in front of your parents

“Shou fiya eza bedda tsefer 2 weeks? Trekouwa tshem el hawa, hayda 3omron

19. She will embarrass your parents every chance she gets

“Habibete, baykon ken ydal sa2it sfoufo”

20. She always has heartwarming stories to share

“Jeddkon ken etil halo 3laye, awal marra talab eede eltelo la2”