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Mia Arawi 03 Oct 2019

Lebanese People Share Their Favorite Shawarma Spots

Food is an acquired taste, but I think we can all agree that shawarma is undoubtedly the greatest food to ever exist (or maybe I’m just biased).

In any case, we asked Lebanese people about their favorite shawarma spots and rounded up a definitive list of their answers. Check them out!

1. Makhlouf – Dora

2. Restaurant Jabbour – Dora

3. Restaurant Joseph – Sin El Fil

4. Abou Bahij – Saida

5. Shawarma Al Safa – Aley

6. Mano – Bourj Hammoud

7. Barbar – Spears

8. Diwan Al Hachem – Zalka

9. Rock – Jbeil

10. Station Restaurant – Al Mhatta