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Beirut.com 06 Oct 2019

These Wholesome Spreads Are Perfectly Healthy, Delicious, And Affordable

Long days call for energizing snacks, and the perfect snacks almost always include chocolate and/or peanut butter.

But long gone are the days when you would stress over the amount of calories in a spoonful of peanut butter or in one chocolate bar, because we just found the perfect healthy alternative.

Meet Sugar N Spice, a local Beirut-based brand that makes deliciously healthy homemade peanut butter and chocolate jars. With no preservatives or additives, these clean and creamy spreads are prepared with 100% natural ingredients like roasted peanuts, raw honey, and dark chocolate.

Aside from being completely unprocessed, these wholesome spreads are simply heavenly. A perfect balance of healthy and delicious, they’re the ultimate treat for your taste buds at any given time of the day.

Whether you’re having them as a snack topper, a recipe ingredient, or straight out of the jar, Sugar N Spice’s natural spreads will have you hooked. Even your Nutella addiction will be pushed aside once you’ve tried their healthier alternative: HazelLust i.e. the chocolate hazelnut spread.

Not only will you be indulging in the richest flavors, you’ll also be welcoming endless minerals into your body, including fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, and more, found only in quality dark chocolate.

And for those who enjoy their peanut butter and chocolate together, you do not want to miss out on Sugar N Spice’s Chocolate PB, combining the best of both worlds in one infinitely nutritious jar of goodness.

Aside from creating their wholesome jars, Sugar n Spice also work on promoting a healthier lifestyle and helping people achieve it. Their Instagram page is dedicated to motivating their audience to make a change, and pushing them to get started by providing them with full guidance and the ultimate alternatives.

For anyone and everyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle without compromising on their favorite treats, Sugar n Spice’s jars are exactly what you need.

Best part? They’re insanely affordable and you can have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

All you have to do is call them up on 76659014 or order through Toters, and enjoy a jar (or ten) of their creamy wholesomeness. Enjoy!