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Beirut.com 14 Oct 2019

AUL Is Solving Every Student’s Financial Worries With This Excellent Offer

With the current financial situation in Lebanon, students are faced with many hurdles when it comes to planning for their educational future.

But the Arts, Sciences and Technology University In Lebanon (AUL) is siding with students and helping them avoid crippling debt by offering generous financial aid packages through their new 50-50 offer. So, if you think college is out of reach for financial reasons, this is for you!

This offer is part of AUL’s strategy to constantly enhance the quality of education while keeping it as affordable and accessible as possible. Because AUL believes that education is a right and not a luxury, they’ve made it their personal mission to offer quality education for all, regardless of social or financial status.

Aside from their high-calibre educational programs, AUL boasts a rich student life and multicultural environment which is home to 6000 students spanning across seven campuses in Lebanon.

With a wide range of diverse and hands-on majors, AUL is constantly working on offering what the market needs. Their latest addition is a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechatronics Engineering, which is a four year program that covers all the major themes of emerging technology breakthroughs like robotics and automation.

Among approximately 24000 graduates, some students wanted to share their post-graduation stories which include some coming up with successful startups.

For more information about the majors offered at AUL and their new financial strategy, you can visit the university’s website here.