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Beirut.com 20 Oct 2019

Breaking: Banks Announce They Will Be Closed On Monday

In a statement sent out to press by the Lebanese Banks Association, it was announced that all banks would be closed tomorrow, Monday October 20th.

That makes for the third consecutive day that Lebanese banks would be closed, after they failed to open their doors Friday and Saturday.

The statement, release this morning loosely translated to say:

Due to the continued civil movements around the country, the banks have decided that for the safety of customers and employees, and in an effort to remove some of the damage that was inflicted on some branches, they would be closed on Monday October 21st in hopes that the situation dissipates soon so that peace and stability may be restored.

You can also read the Arabic text below:

مع استمرار التحرّكات الشعبية في أنحاء عدّة من البلاد، وحرصاً على أمن وسلامة العملاء
والموظفين، ومن أجل إزالة آثار الأضرار التي أصابت بعض المراكز والفروع المصرفية ،
تعلن جمعية مصارف لبنان أن أبواب المصارف ستبقى مقفلة يوم الإثنين في 21 تشرين الأول
2019، على أمل أن تستتب الأوضاع العامة سريعاً في ضوء المساعي الحميدة والدؤوبة التي
تبذلها مختلف السلطات لإشاعة الطمأنينة والإستقرار ولإستئناف الحياة