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Tanya Maalouf 25 Oct 2019

Join The Human Chain Connecting Tripoli To Tyre This Weekend

With the beginning of the revolution, Lebanese people have proved to themselves – and the world – that they are beyond capable of creating a united front, fueled by their love for their country and their fight for a decent living.

Throwing their deeply-rooted religion and sectarianism to the side, they’ve come together to show that no one can protest like the Lebanese, with high spirits, incredible persistence, and inspiring resilience.

From the far North to the far South, the Lebanese protests have taken on different forms and challenges. And despite the beautiful energy in each and every city, town, and village, it’s safe to say that Tripoli and Tyre were on a whole different level.

Tripoli was rightfully named 3arous el thawra, throwing open-air parties for its people, and calling on support to the protestors in Tyre, who stood their ground in the face of violence.

In support of these two beautiful cities, and in attempt to solidify this unity, protestors are calling on the Lebanese population to form a human chain connecting Tripoli to Tyre.

The initiative is set to take place on Sunday, October 27, 2019 at 01:00 PM. The midpoint of the human chain will be Sehit El Shohada (Martyr’s Square) in Beirut, and will span multiple cities.

Make sure you share with everyone around you, and spread the word.

Yalla, let’s make history!