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Fatima Al Mahmoud 28 Oct 2019

12 WTF Moments From The Lebanese Revolution

These past 2 weeks have been tumultuous to say the least. The revolution has had its ups and downs, and while we wait for it to regain some momentum, here’s a recap of our favorite WTF moments thus far:

1. When a group of protestors sang “Baby Shark” to soothe a scared child

2. When Tripoli’s protests turned into the coolest party, thanks to DJ Madi Karimeh

AHM who?

3. When the “Hela Ho” song took over

and not just in Lebanon…

4. When a group of protestors broke into Patchi stores in Tripoli and started giving out chocolate

5. When Saad Hariri asked for 72 hours to come up with solutions.

The biggest WTF was when our government thought they could fix 30 years of corruption in 3 days. And then they failed miserably.

6. When Al Jadeed put up a countdown for Hariri’s 72 hours.

And someone even created a website.

7. When Aoun waited a full week before addressing the public

8. …only for him to appear in a pre-recorded and terribly edited speech

9. When protestors turned the Ring Bridge into a fully-furnished house

10. and then put it up on Airbnb

11. When protestors were blocking roads with some serious yoga

12. When they created a human chain all the way from Tripoli to Tyre