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Fatima Al Mahmoud 29 Oct 2019

Happening Now: Protestors Gather Under Minister Mohammad Choucair’s House

After 12 days of organizing centralized demonstrations in the heart of Beirut and all across Lebanon, protestors are opting for new means to pressure government officials into resignation: protesting under their houses.

First on their list was Minister of Telecommunications Mohammad Choucair, with protestors gathering under his residence in Hamra at the moment.

The “invite” to convene under his house was circulated late last night and protestors were quick to respond.

Many people credit Minister Choucair for igniting the revolution, especially after the government’s ridiculous WhatsApp proposal, which was later scraped.

Minister Choucair was also the target of people’s wrath in Tripoli, when protestors broke into Patchi stores – owned by Choucair – and distributed chocolate among each other.