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Beirut.com 30 Oct 2019

How A Lebanese Government Is Formed: A Simplified Guide

After the resignation of ex Prime Minister Hariri and the consequent dissolution of his cabinet, here are some of the procedural facts.

FIRST: We note that though the government is resigned, until the appointment of a new Prime Minister and cabinet, the existing ministers will resume their duties in what is known as a caretaker government. This means that the same ministers will continue their duties in their official capacities.

NEXT: The president is to hold consultations with each parliamentary bloc, wherein they will each nominate a candidate for prime minister. Note that there is nothing preventing the blocs from nominating Hariri for the post again.

AFTER THAT: The president shares the results with the speaker of parliament and issues a decree designating the Prime Minister.

THEN: The designated Prime Minister conducts parliamentary consultations (with members of parliament) for the formation of a government.

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FOLLOWED BY: The President and the designated Prime Minister signing the decree and officially forming the government.

ALMOST THERE: The newly formed government must present its general statement of policy to the Parliament within 30 days of being formed.

AND FINALLY: Cabinet must gain a confidence vote at Parliament, with a minimum of 65 out of 128 votes required.