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Beirut.com 02 Nov 2019

8 Affordable Sushi Offers That You’ll Love

This article was submitted by sushiguidelb.

Who said revolutionaries can’t enjoy some sushi while attempting to overthrow the ruling class? Here’s a roundup of 8 super affordable sushi offers that you’ll love!

1. Sushi Samurai, Aisha Bakkar – Sushiguidelb Medium Set

Crispy crab salad, 4 salmon avocado, 4 salmon philly, 4 crazy mango, 1 sashimi salmon, 1 spicy gunkan salmon, and a small soft drink, all for 25 000 LL. This offer is valid for both delivery and dine in.

Ask them for the “Sushiguidelb Medium” deal, it’s not visible on their regular menu.

2. Oshima Sushi Bar, Spinneys Jnah – The Delivery Offer

24 sushi pieces (half salmon, half crab) with 2 crab salads and 2 soft drinks, all for $22.
Only valid for delivery.

3. Saigon, Naccache – The 40 Pieces Offer

This awesome offer for two includes 40 sushi pieces and 2 crab salads, for 44 000 LL. Valid for delivery and take away only.

4. Tokyo Middle East, Jounieh – Sets of 30, 40, 50

It’s a 1,000 LL/sushi piece deal!

5. Obi Sushi – Sets of 30 and 50

You can order either 30 sushi pieces for 30 000 LL or 50 sushi pieces for 50 000 LL.

6. Oceanus, Ashrafieh – Sushi Mix Set

This sushi mix set offers 16 pieces for 26 000 LL. Valid for both dine in and delivery.

7. Wakame, Mansourieh – The Classic Set

16 mouthwatering sushi pieces for $16.

8. Tri-S, Hamra and Hazmieh – 30% Off The Whole Menu

Tri-S is now offering 30% off EVERYTHING – excluding open sushi and their special delivery offers.