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Marwa Baghdadi 23 Jan 2020

Rain, Haze, Or Shine: 10 Indoor Activities For Kids In Lebanon

Keeping the kids entertained can be challenging in Beirut when you’re navigating with inclement weather. Spaces may be limited, but energy levels usually aren’t! Here are some suggestions of places where kids can let off some steam, whether they be toddlers or teens!

1. Playtown

Playtown brings your children’s dream themes to life! They can enjoy a variety of crafts, games, and so much more all in a safe and cozy environment.

2. Fun Zone

This center is an ideal space for birthdays, parties, animated events, and their indoor playground is ideal for great fun. The centre caters for an array of ages and interests.

3. Flyp Urban Park

Your kids will step into an alternative world designed for ninjas, slam dunkers, spiders, and free runners, or anyone led by a desire to live in high spirits!

4. Origami Academy

Let your children enjoy painting, cooking, singing, and dance classes as well as many other fun and character building activities.

5. Little Me Play

The perfect space to explore your children’s imagination and enhance their creativity while developing their motor and emotional skills.

6. VOX Cinemas

On rainy days, watching a good flick goes a long way with the kiddos. Grab the kids, pick up some popcorn, sit back, and relax! Fancy a fully immersive cinematic experience? Check out Vox cinemas in Beirut City Centre with some of the most innovative cinematic experiences.

7. Score Bowling and Games

Everyone can enjoy bowling and have a great time at Score. They also have arcade games including everything from traditional shooting to high-tech interactive competition racing games. There’s something for everyone, so join the fun!

8. Haunted Escape

Escape rooms are a great option for kids and adults alike! Presented with a puzzling scenario, guests form teams and try to make sense of the clues. It’s a fantastic character building

9. Planet Discovery

Planet Discovery offers hands-on learning and “edutainment” opportunities using an innovative dynamic space that helps providing education to kids and widening their scientific knowledge, in an attractive and entertaining atmosphere.

10. Talent Square

This indoor playground includes different classrooms hosting a wide variety of fun and educational classes (theater, dance, ballet, music, choir, and more).