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Fatima Al Mahmoud 06 Nov 2019

Remember When We Found Chickens In Electricite Du Liban?

With a tactical shift in the revolution, protestors are currently holding off on roadblocks and organizing demonstrations that target corrupt public institutions instead. On that occasion, I thought I’d remind people of what is perceived to be the biggest corrupt body of them all: Electricité Du Liban.

Back in 2018, an insane video went viral on social media, showing cages of chickens, quail, chicks, and eggs found on the third basement floor near the parking area for EDL’s main building.

The video stirred a humorous comparison over the company’s ability to provide around-the-clock power to these chickens, but not to citizens who have been struggling with Lebanon’s dire electricity crisis and daily power cuts for years on end.

According to a report by MTV, the birds were well-kept, benefiting from 24-hour electricity, light, warmth, and appropriate nutrition over a period of 3 months.

So just in case you needed a reason to hit the streets again, keep in mind that a bunch of chickens had access to electricity while you didn’t.